Adshel announces multi-year contract extension from Sydney Trains


Today Adshel announces it has secured a multi-year contract extension from Sydney Trains which covers concourse and platform assets across the entire Sydney rail network.

Passenger rail is currently the fastest growing transport category and has the benefit of delivering massive audiences in a high quality environment for extended periods of time.

The Sydney Trains contract extension combined with Adshel’s recent Metro Trains Melbourne win (which starts 1 April 2018) means the Adshel Rail network connects brands with 14 million commuter journeys, and reaches 34% of Australians each week.

Adshel CEO Mike Tyquin said of the announcement “This is a great outcome for us. It is reflective of the large and successful business we have built on the Sydney rail network but also in line with our vision to create a tier one media platform bringing together commuter audiences across Australia.”

Adshel’s Rail offering in conjunction with Adshel Roadside assets, uniquely positions Adshel as Australia’s premier commuter media specialist.

Commuters are becoming an increasingly valuable audience because capturing people while they’re out and about gives advertisers the opportunity to connect and influence during periods of highest receptivity and attention. A key insight from recent ‘Marketing in Motion’ study states that as an audience, commuters are more alert, have higher attention levels and are more open to marketing messages than audiences reached at home. Brands who are seeking greater return on their investment include Adshel Rail and Adshel Roadside in their campaign mix.

HT&E ‘Marketing in Motion Study’, 2017

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