Adshel creates new partnerships team to spearhead growing client requirements

Adshel creates new Partnerships team to spearhead growing client requirements and appoints Melanie Lindquist to Head of Partnerships role.

Adshel today announced the creation of a Partnerships team to create deeper ‘partner’ engagement and help bridge the gap between media, creative and client. This team is to be headed by Melanie Lindquist in the newly created Head of Partnerships role.

Melanie’s extensive experience in strategy, integration and campaign development will bring critical understanding of client needs and key marketing challenges.  Reporting to Adshel’s Head of Marketing, Charlotte Valente, Melanie commenced on 24th April.

The Partnerships team will be able to add significant value to clients and their agency partners as the category or vertical experts, bringing together research and insights, ideation and strategy to effectively align the role of Adshel in the broader marketing landscape.

Jane Bowman, longstanding Adshel senior sales executive, has been appointed as Adshel’s first Partnerships Manager across Automotive, Retail and Finance categories.

The changes also see the establishment of the Audience Intelligence team (Audience IQ). Adshel’s team of audience specialists deliver an in-depth and ingrained understanding of people. By harnessing first, second and third-party data, Audience IQ provide insight into audiences’ attitudes and behaviours to enable brands to connect and engage with them in a single location or at national scale.

Charlotte Valente, Adshel’s Head of Marketing said, “Adshel’s marketing team has grown significantly and with agility, to respond to market needs. Our number 1 priority is to ensure we provide outstanding customer service to all of our collaborators. It is this approach that allowed us to understand the pressures on our clients and their agency partners. The Partnerships team will provide in-depth understanding and valuable insights to engage and connect audiences to brands more effectively. I am confident that Melanie has the ideal credentials to lead this new structure and provide essential support to all of Adshel’s ‘partners’.

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