Adshel leads campaign effectiveness

In a recent independent study, conducted by Millward Brown Australia, on behalf of a leading FMCG company, we were surprised (no, not really that surprised) that Adshel led the charge in campaign effectiveness over other mediums such as TV, digital and social and even other OOH formats.

Findings showed, by including Adshel to the campaign mix delivered incredible results for a fraction of the investment.

Here’s the juicy bit – the FMCG campaign ran across Adshel Street Furniture, and accounted for 15% of the overall advertising spend. The results showed that Adshel drove 48% of overall campaign impact. Yes, you saw right – a whopping 48%!

The study proved, once again, that Adshel consistently delivers strong brand equity uplifts. Brand equity is the ability for a brand to deliver volume share and justify a higher price point.

Key findings:

  • Adshel’s component of the campaign accounted for only 15% of spend but drove 48% of overall campaign impact.
  • Adshel drove 100% of brand salience and 50% of overall campaign impact.
  • Of all of the mediums measured, Adshel Street Furniture impacted total campaign awareness by 47% and purchase consideration by 21%.
  • Adshel Street Furniture played a major role on its own and worked particularly well with point of sale to drive Millward Browns cross media measure of perceptions which leads to brand equity.
  • Adshel Street Furniture was the star performing out-of-home format and was recommended to be the out-of-home channel that FMCG should invest in for future advertising campaigns.

Millward Brown’s research supports the results from The Adshel Effect (research conducted in 2016). #Winning

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