Adshel to deliver next-generation digital platform with Metro Trains Melbourne win


Advertisers will soon be able to deliver fully animated, contextually relevant and optimised out-of-home messaging to commuters across Australia’s two biggest markets through a single network, Adshel Rail.

In a move that extends its leadership in commuter media and brings a host of new scalable digital features to market, Adshel has been awarded the highly-coveted, seven-year contract for Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM). From April 1st 2018, Adshel will add MTM’s 15 rail lines and 218 stations to its existing offering across Sydney Trains, creating a single network to connect with the bustling traveller in both cities.

The partnership will see Adshel deploy a new estate of over 150 digital screens at key Melbourne CBD and inner city railway stations including Flinders Street, Melbourne Central, Parliament, South Yarra and Richmond, and when combined with such powerful Sydney locations as Wynyard, Martin Place and Town Hall, unlocks enormous potential for new ways of engaging millions of Australians.

With full motion capability, the digital network increases the touchpoints for vertical video and will be available either in targeted off-the-shelf packs or in hand-picked locations by the day or week part.

By offering dynamic, full-motion campaign opportunities to target over 15 million rail passenger journeys, Adshel will add an exciting new channel to the Australian media landscape, further cementing its unrivalled coverage and Number 1 position in Melbourne, and nation-wide.

During the life of the contract, Adshel will also deliver an enhanced environment for greater impact in Melbourne, featuring quality inventory, screens and technology and new station layouts reducing clutter and facilitating greater cut-through for advertisers.

The win reaffirms Adshel’s commitment to the Melbourne market. CEO Mike Tyquin said: “We are delighted to have been appointed by MTM. Adshel is committed to building value for advertisers and transport operators in the rail segment through our audience focus and application of technology and innovation. The MTM win, in combination with our Sydney Trains network, will enable advertisers to access Australia’s largest combined captive commuter audience for the first time.

“Adshel’s scale, unrivalled position and unparalleled understanding of audiences will transform the MTM customer experience and enable advertisers to make intelligent, audience insight-driven out-of-home ad buys across the network. The MTM contract win continues our successful, long-term presence in public-private transport partnerships in the Melbourne CBD and metropolitan areas. We look forward to working with MTM to build and deliver a visionary new tier one media estate.”

“The MTM win further positions Adshel as a leader in the out-of-home transport sector and specifically highlights the success of our Adshel Rail network that will now cover Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our forward planning, strong leadership team and transformative, innovation-driven business roadmap positions us strongly for the future.”

The partnership is set to strengthen Adshel’s number 1 position which will now add rail with the largest street furniture network in the city and an extensive petro-convenience presence, delivering more than 3,500 touchpoints to an unrivalled 95.2% of Melburnians, 46.4 times every week, more than any other small format commuter media operator.

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