Contextually Relevant Advertising is 19% More Effective

Adshel commissions world’s first neurological study proving the effectiveness of contextually relevant advertising across digital out-of-home.

A world’s first: Adshel are the first to market globally undertaking neurological research to prove that context plays a huge part in advertising effectiveness and that there is a direct correlation between message and medium.

How we did it: Knowing that contextually relevant advertising is one of the most difficult things to quantify, Adshel invested in undertaking research that went beyond a standard research methodology to delve deeper into the mind.

What we found? The study proved that across all neuro measurements contextually relevant advertising was 19% more effective than non-contextually relevant advertising.

How we can help: Adshel Live created an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers with relevant messages at scale. This, coupled with dynamic messaging, gives advertisers’ full control to adapt to business needs and generate greater effectiveness. Herein lies a powerful proposition that’s all part of the package.