Adshel KFC campaign

Enjoying KFC, playing cricket outdoors and good tunes. Sounds like a perfect summers day. Adshel put their thinking caps on for KFC who wanted to boost reach and frequency outside of cricket telecasts across the summer period. What better way to do this than a fully integrated out-of-home and radio campaign with digital touch points, enabling consumers to engage with KFC like never before.

In an industry first, Adshel teamed up with ARN to launch KFC’s #HCG campaign. It was the first of its kind and we once again pushed the boundaries to break new ground in the media space.

And how did the #HCG campaign go? Well the results speak for themselves…

The out-of-home Adshel campaign reached 8.3 million people and the radio campaign reached over 4.4 million. That’s a huge score!

The impact was significant. Over 50% of people 18-54 recall seeing the out-of-home advertising for KFC. In addition, the out-of-home campaign drove action, with almost 50% of 18-54 year olds going on to purchase KFC and 1 in 3 searching for the #HCG after being exposed to the out-of-home campaign.

The campaign was a huge success.