Brands ‘Shine Brighter with Adshel’ in 2017

Brands ‘Shine Brighter with Adshel’ in 2017 with more screens, more coverage, more engagement, more impact

Adshel personifies audiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for latest trade campaign

Outdoor media company Adshel today launched a re-energised trade media campaign, ‘Shine Brighter’, bringing to light the necessity for brands and advertisers to continue to stand-out during the winter months, when shorter daylight hours reduces the visibility of non-illuminated out-of-home campaigns.

In 2017, Adshel delivers even more screens, more coverage and ultimately more audiences through impactful solutions that connect and engage commuters, day and night, 365 days a year.

View a video from the campaign here:

The facts:

With the end of summer and daylight savings, advertisers are potentially missing-out on valuable exposure to audiences during peak evening commutes. In fact, this can be up to 32 per cent of the daily audience, which essentially results in the same proportion of their advertising spend not being seen. With viewability a key topic in market, advertisers need to maximise every opportunity for exposure.

This campaign emphasises the effects winter has on the commuter journey including changed behaviours and attitudes during the cooler, darker months. The ‘Shine Brighter with Adshel’ campaign urges advertisers to ensure they engage commuters (especially during peak evening commutes in the winter months) by selecting Adshel as the perfect out-of-home partner on their media plans.

The fun element:
The 2017 ‘Shine Brighter with Adshel’ campaign features the characters of Tom, Charlie and Anna, personifying Adshel’s commuters across the streets of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
Shine Brighter brings to life the audience across Adshel’s extensive network with the element of dance, building a campaign that is fun, vibrant, bright and ‘working day and night’.

By getting closer to, and understanding the ‘minds and moods’ of everyday commuters, brands can create and tailor campaigns to reach audiences that are more receptive and more engaged with those branded messages, day or night.

Why this approach:

Adshel is audience obsessed. The campaign builds on Adshel’s audience-first focus, bringing audiences to life, beyond the out-dated demographics, to emphasise the importance of illumination during the day and night.

Adshel’s Head of Marketing, Charlotte Valente, said: “During the winter months, it’s the time to remind brands and advertisers that in order to deliver effective and impactful campaigns that truly connect and engage with commuter audiences, they need to select illuminated formats – or they’ll be left in the dark, after dark. Adshel provides quality illuminated products to ‘Shine Brighter’ day and night, 365 days of the year and we’re committed to the ongoing expansion of our Adshel Live network to reach even more Australians than any other out-of-home roadside network. This is a true broadcast solution delivering an audience of over 6.3 million unique people.”

Valente continued: “We also like to have fun at Adshel, and this campaign not only represents our audiences, but it’s also a reflection of the Adshel approach – unique and responsive. Our network shines bright day and night and so do the brands that partner with us.”

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View a video from the campaign here:

The Shine Brighter with Adshel campaign runs across trade media from 8 May.