January is a time for change. We all commit to creating a better ‘me’ – from what we eat, how we look and where we live to reassessing our ambitions, including our jobs. The same holds true for brands. It is important for your brand to be visible from day one of the new year. Your brands ability to educate and influence at the beginning of the year is so much stronger given consumers mindsets are open and receptive to change.


A RECEPTIVE AUDIENCE – Influence audiences in the right mind n’ mood.

MORE OF THE RIGHT AUDIENCE – Reach the heart of your audience.

IN THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT – Influencing across daily touchpoints and environments.

365 – Our panels and screens don’t go on holidays. They are on 365 days 24/7, reaching and influencing audiences where they live, work, shop and play.

Make sure to kick start your brands new year resolution with Adshel today.

Drum roll please … Our two major prize winners are; 

from Posterscope NSW with;

“3 holidays abroad, 6 postcards sent to family, 5 days a week in the gym, 24 weekend drinks – probably more, 7 Adshel site tours!”

KAIA WEBBER from Slingshot Media NSW with;

“By adopting an Adshel panel-like mindset: being always on & reaching more family & friends than ever before.”

Our 50 runners-up will not be walking away empty handed. They will be taking away a $100 Eftpos voucher. Congrats! 

Jacqui Purcell 303mullenlowe I make sure I see the water everyday, I either walk to the beach, harbour or bay! 365 days of happiness!
Ellie Beryl The 360 Degree Marketing Group Say yes more, settle a disagreement at work with a dance off, be a tourist in my city, do one thing every day for ME.
Alice Williams I surround myself with people who have what I want (attitude, relationships, jobs, puppies) to stay focused on being awesome
Nicholas Noel Match Media I’ll make my 365 days 2017 count by balancing my life and work commitments well enough to spend time with my newborn
Fez Ghista Match Media Meaningful, purposeful, positive actions throughout each day in order to contribute towards my person and career goals for 2017
Bayden McCallum Match Media 100 drinking beer, 150 surfing, 365 smiling and 0 days spent stressed out!
Monique George Match Media Monday, Go for a drink on a Tuesday, Make love by Wednesday, and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday, then chill on Sunday. #CraigDavid
Woody Strehler Match Media I will exercise … I won’t like it and it will suck but I’ve heard it is good for you.
Aaron Hampson MEC A.D.S.H.E.L 2017.      Adventure like Bear Grylls     Devour the yummiest food!     Sing in the shower 🙂   Holiday!    Exercise! Because I’m not getting any younger!  LIVE EVERY DAY!
Christine Theophanous Mindshare Wake up, breathe, run, walk, jump, spin, smile, laugh, cry, hope, eat, drink, laugh again, embrace, dream, dream bigger, wake up, smile again and repeat.
Jacqui Capel Match Media By trying something new every day – I’ve booked a creative writers course and ill be (finally) learning to drive!
Kristina Gobran UM To never get too busy making a living that I forget to make a life
Lennie Ericksen MEC I will spend more time exploring Australia and plan more adventures with friends. Focussing more effort on my work/life balance in 2017.
Liam Watson Posterscope Keeping sight of the priorities in my life, stopping to enjoy the little moments and taking a risk every now and again
Paul Brennan Sandbox Media A year from now I will have wished I started today. Theres 387 including today and remember – mistakes are proof you’re having a crack.
Vanessa Akem Slingshot Media I’ll make my 365 days count by being dynamic, contextually relevant and 19% more effective – Just like Adshel Live.
Stacey Brown ACMN For me, in 2017 I will try and stop being so mean. I will wake up positive each day and tackle whatever’s thrown my way
Belinda McMath Benedictus Media I’ll write my goal list, then re-write the most outstandish goal, chasing THAT one first, all the while laughing and enjoying the ride!
Lauren Madeley Zenith Good riddance 2016. I am going to fully embrace the new year by eating more, laughing more, loving more and stressing less.
Sophie Liu Mindshare With 365 nights of rejuvenating sleep (thanks to the fluffy cloud of a matress I’ll be taking home from Wolgan Valley)!
Heather Lawson OMD By reaching my client’s target audiences all day every day. Tapping into consumer mindset and touch points contextually with dynamic messaging across digital panels.
Garth Moring Match Media Email Alexander Morrison daily love notes!
Georgina Debehham PHD Media I plan on ensuring that Adshel makes it onto every media plan that comes past my eyes
Jade Ramsay OMD VIC I am going to spend as much time with my family as I can. We are all on borrowed time. Enjoy every minute!
Olivia Scott CHE Proximity Keep a positive attitude and continue to challenge myself both professionally and personally!
Alex Moore OMD VIC I’m going to take more time to live consciously and appreciate my life rather than letting this wonderful existence pass me by.
Abbey Mehrten OMD VIC Talk less- listen more, Worry less- hope more, Doubt less- believe more, Frown less – smile more, Plan less- do more, Hate less – love more
Sam Hey OMD VIC Every day in 2017 will count as I want to make the most of every day by balancing exploring, cruising and taking risks!
Ayu Saradwati OMD I am going to make my 365 days count by ticking off at least one thing off my list, no matter how small 🙂
Tanya Demaria Carat SA 2017 will be the year I stretch myself to be more engaged in social situations, to learn interesting things and broaden my horizons. Bring it!
Jo Van de Velde CumminsHybrid 2016 was manic. A few time I felt I may panic … a weekend escape, wipe clean the slate, and ensure the new year is dynamic!
Jeremy McNamara Ikon Communications Everyday doing something better than I did it the previous day. Exercise, eating, work, calling my parents, so many opportunities to make it count!
Dominique Bates Zenith Media As 2017 marks a new adventure into parenthood, I will say yes to – New experiences, New challenges, New ways of thinking.
Liza Avgoustakis Zenith Media Being fearless, aspiring to be better in my personal relationships and work, become more confident, take some chances, and learn to be happier in life.
Laura Furness BCM Partnership I am going to laugh everyday, share some kindness in anyway that I can and be grateful for everyhting that I have
Rory Parker Starcom 2017 will be a year of improvement. No more bludging on couches – I want to try new things, learn new skills and meet new people!
Sarah Shilito Starcom By challenging myself each and every day to do something outside of my comfort zone, be it big or small.
Lesley Edwards Ikon Communications Days aren’t stand-outs or stand-alones’. Make each one count, see every day as part of a collective, each building from the last.
Kym Barron Ikon Communications By having as many NEW experiences as possible! Each day will be used to plan or execute something outside my norm.
Jason Kendal Ikon Communications Be happier with my every day life next year: Take time to enjoy the little things and not to let problems bring me down.
Kristen Connick Ikon Communications Appreciating the little things and seeking internal happiness (less materialistic/status wants, more inner peace). Living in the moment. Carpe diem!
Francesca Guterres Ikon Communications Push yourself to achieve change because it’s not the BLOWING OF THE WIND that determines your success in life. It’s the SETTING OF YOUR SAIL.
Kelly Teesdale Starcom I will wake up everyday thankful for the small and free pleasures of life.
Natalie Paraskevas Starcom Live in the moment and be present in every moment. Take time for important things in life, Family, friends and food.
Sam Kane BCM Partnership I’ll make it count by creating as many positive memories as possible, and not taking any of it for granted
Sharon Clarke Ikon Communications Play more, smile more, share more, care more, love more, help more, see more, say more, listen more, do more … than I did in 2016
Matt Frost UM Find time each day to feed my soul by embracing gratitude, laughter, hope, love … and beer
Ashleigh Toeke Starcom Take a deep breath and keep reminding myself that this too shall pass and that tomorrow is another day.
Kat Droulers Carat By looking at all my local Adshel panels

Thank you everyone for entering!