With Australia’s population growing at a rapid pace and the urban footprint of our cities swiftly spreading, the commute is changing. Journeys are getting longer and the destination is harder to predict. With this trend likely to continue, understanding how brands can own the commuter journey, and not just their destination is becoming more important.

Australian commuters spend 288 hours each year – the equivalent of 36 work days – travelling to and from work or study. That’s a huge chunk of time where your target audience is, quite literally, a ‘captive audience’. And contrary to what you might think, most commuters actually feel positive about their daily commute, using it as ‘me time’ where they can catch up on emails and social media, or even research their next big ticket purchase or holiday. Daily commuters are typically engaged, alert and in a positive mindset during their journey, making it the perfect time for brands and advertisers to prime, engage and influence them.

Our latest commuter research is filled with more fascinating and surprising insights into how Australian commuters are feeling, what they’re doing and how they’re interacting with advertising throughout their journeys.

We also discovered:

  • Australians now spend 60-72 minutes each day commuting, an increase of 33% in five years
  • 75% of commuters see their daily journey as either ‘doing time’ or ‘down time’
  • Commuters see out-of-home advertising as less intrusive and annoying, and more trustworthy than other advertising.

We’re so obsessed with commuter journeys that we’ve written a research piece all about it. To get all the insights and information, download our whitepaper below and start owning the journey, not just the destination with Adshel.

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