Robots with a human touch

World changing research Made Possible by Melbourne.

There’s more to the human touch than we know, more than we think about. We’ve advanced to prosthetic limbs changing the way we live, but none of these so far have restored a sense of touch.

Researchers from The University of Melbourne alongside the University of Wollongong and St Vincent’s Hospital’s Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery are developing a robotic arm that could help return full movement and one day, sensation back to the limb. This was one of the many extraordinary research pieces showcased in collaboration with Adshel, McCann and University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne

Made Possible by Melbourne was a unique execution featuring 14 special builds each representing research technologies sponsored by the University on the Yarra Trams line. It was an execution that screamed insight and interaction to commuters for the first time ever.

The campaign  secured first place at the OMA’s 2016 Grand Prix, selected out of 150 campaigns. Charmaine Moldrich CEO of OMA described it as “undoubtedly the best example of how out-of-home is being used to its full potential by smart advertisers, engaging audiences across multiple out-of-home platforms, complemented by mobile, to create an interactive experience that immerse audiences.”

The Grand Prix winners are judged across the following criteria:
– A simple idea that is flawlessly executed within a single glance
– Visual impact and strong creative appeal
– Encourages people to think/or generates an emotional response
– Clear and obvious branding
– Compliments/strengthens other mediums
– Contextually relevant
– The idea lends itself to further engagement and interaction through the use of digital technology
or innovation.

Adshel is thrilled to help Melbourne University alongside McCann deliver ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ – a far-reaching campaign that ignited the hearts and minds of people throughout Melbourne and won the OMA’s Q4 Creative Collection, taking out the 2016 Grand Prix. . Not forgetting, Pandora Rose Gold also won Best Traditional use of the out-of-home medium. This is just a handful of the awesome executions that Adshel have delivered across 2016.

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